What does a comprehensive dental insurance plan in Orlando cover?

February 16, 2023

Dental insurance, although it could be considered a health insurance benefit, is not included in the coverage of health insurance in Orlando. However, dentistry is a specialization characterized by high patient demand and many dental emergencies. That is why, at LatinPro, we share the benefits of dental plans in Orlando.

Remember that comprehensive dental insurance includes coverage for preventive care, minor and complex restorative care, and sometimes orthodontics. In this sense, “full coverage” means you will benefit from many dental treatments and procedures.

Here are the services and treatments that should be part of a comprehensive dental plan:

What a comprehensive dental plan should include

Typically, comprehensive coverage plans go beyond preventive care. They may also offer coverage for the following:

Minor restorative care

Fillings, extractions, and x-rays that are not part of routine dental care should be included in comprehensive dental plans in Florida.

Complex restorative care

Procedures such as bridges, crowns, and dentures are included in this category.

Orthodontic treatment

This type of treatment includes space retainers, orthodontic appliances, and other elements used to keep the teeth in alignment.

Preventive dental care

Comprehensive dental coverage in Orlando includes regular cleanings, routine x-rays, fluoride treatments, and sealants, depending on age and frequency.

Before choosing a dental plan in Miami, don’t hesitate to contact us. At LatinPro, we are not just health insurance specialists, we care about your well-being. When you need to purchase coverage, get in touch and we will be happy to support you.