What is the coverage of an auto insurance in Orlando like?

April 10, 2023

Generally speaking, car insurance in the United States is always a plus, but if you live in Florida, you know that car insurance in Orlando is essential for those who own a vehicle. Do you know what car insurance in Orlando covers? At LatinPro Insurance, we explain it to you!

Auto insurance in Orlando is basically a policy that provides protection against third-party damages, car theft, or medical expenses. The coverage depends on the needs you consider relevant. Therefore, it is important to know what car insurance in Orlando usually includes.

What Orlando auto insurance covers

If you have any doubts about how Florida car insurance works, we at LatinPro Insurance can guide you through the benefits of this type of insurance policy!

Collision and broad coverage

One of the main benefits of car insurance in Orlando is coverage for damages caused to your vehicle in an accident. If your Orlando car insurance policy is comprehensive, your car will be covered against any other damage caused by theft, fire, flood, or vandalism.

Civil liabilityIn this case, Orlando car insurance pays for injuries you may have caused to other people, as well as damage to other people’s property. Orlando car insurance also protects you from lawsuits.

Coverage against personal injury

Personal injury car insurance is a must in Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Also known as “No Fault” or “PIP”, this policy covers medical and rehabilitation expenses, replacement services and funeral expenses in the event of an accident. It also provides coverage for loss of income if you are injured and unable to work.

Medical expenses

Similarly, Orlando car insurance covers, up to a certain limit, medical expenses for both you and the passengers in the vehicle who were injured in a car accident, regardless of who was at fault.

Mechanical service

In the event that your vehicle gets stuck on any road and can no longer move, you can contact your car insurance assistance so that they can send mechanical help to where you are.

Tow truck service

If the car is totally immobilized and there is no way to move it from its location, the Orlando car insurance should offer you a towing service to move it to where it needs to be repaired.

Car replacement

If you have an unforeseen event and your vehicle is inoperable, car insurance in Orlando could guarantee that you will be provided with a vehicle to move.
Before contracting your car insurance in Orlando, it is essential that you contact your trusted insurance agency, such as LatinPro Insurance, which will help you choose the perfect policy for you.