Types of insurance you didn’t know you needed

January 11, 2023

The insurance world is very broad: there are policies for every need due to the multitude of cases arising to take care of distinct scenarios every day. That is why it is important you know some of the insurances you might need at some point and perhaps you didn’t know about.

Do you know what supplemental insurance is? It is a type of coverage that you can buy to support your main health plan. They are usually very specific policies for certain diseases, illnesses, actions, and injuries.

At LatinPro, we work with many types of policies, including supplemental policies. They are especially useful because they provide for and help cover costs that your health plan may not have.

Plus, for many, supplemental health coverage can be an affordable way to help with out-of-pocket costs. Do you want to learn more about the advantages of this type of policy? We’ve listed a few below:

Benefits of supplemental insurance

Insurance of this type has many benefits besides guaranteeing coverage that you would probably have to pay for out-of-pocket in the event of an emergency. In our experience, some of the most relevant benefits are:

  • They usually have affordable monthly premiums.
  • They can offer you financial assistance if you experience unexpected medical situations.
  • You can purchase policies at any time of the year. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for the open enrollment period, as you would with traditional health plans.
  • You can purchase them on your own or through an employer.
  • In some cases, you can request to purchase each policy separately.

What do supplemental policies cover?

Now, with more clarity in this regard, you should know what are the elements covered by the supplementary policies:

Accidents and injuries

Coverage of accidental injuries can be very useful to avoid scary and uncomfortable situations. Remember that not all accidents are covered by health insurance, even those that could represent high-risk situations. For this type of event, LatinPro suggests the purchase of complementary insurance.

Critical illnesses

Supplemental policies may offer coverage for different critical illnesses. In addition, some are separate for certain types of conditions such as cancer or heart attack and stroke insurance.


At LatinPro, we know that spending time in the hospital can be costly, not to mention there may be additional expenses. In that sense, hospital insurance may pay you a cash benefit to help cover medical and/or household expenses not covered by your health plan.

Dental and vision coverage

Other types of supplemental coverages are those that relate to dental and vision services. On the one hand, dental policies can be included in many different plans such as preventive or routine care and orthodontic appliances.

Vision insurance may provide coverage for preventive eye exams as well as coverage for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

There is no doubt that supplemental insurance is an indispensable part of the measures we must take to take care of our health. We advise you don’t fail to acquire them and look for the ones that best suit you. AtLatinPro, we can help you through that process.