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We are José Aguirre and Rina Camargo, both Venezuelan lawyers. We started this project, Latinpro Insurance, aiming to offer opportunities to those Latinos who want to get health insurance at affordable costs and who wish to protect their health and that of their family 24/7.

As time went by and with our growth as a company, we decided to add more policy and insurance options in order to provide a complete service for our clients, such as car or real estate insurance.

Our team

Today we have a wonderful team of insurance brokers, who are constantly in training to provide quality services and an immediate response in order to ensure that each of our customers feels truly supported with insurance that meets all their requirements and expectations.

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As part of the nation’s largest insurance company, we can all play an important role in finding solutions to the complex challenges within the health care system.

As an employee, you’ll see our mission come alive in all the ways we give back. With many fulfilling volunteer opportunities available to you, you’ll experience the power of caring as we work together to help build healthier communities across the country.