Health insurance

Why purchase this type of insurance?

Health is our most important asset. Taking care of yourself and your family is a way to show them how much you love them.

You can apply for this type of insurance to pay for medical services, hospitalization, consultations, hospital bills, tests, and medicines.

Depending on your needs, you may need a particular or family coverage: we adapt to your preferences.

We offer you top quality and efficient service.

    • People formally enrolled20%
    • Likelihood of needing coverage from this type of insurance99%

    Approximately 12 million citizens are actively enrolled, which means not all of the population is insured. Don't be part of this statistic: get insured!


    This insurance is the best option for those who wish to have access to basic and complete health coverage but do not have the economic capacity to pay other contributions.


    It is a federal program designed for citizens 65 years of age or older; people with disabilities due to serious health problems can also apply. This program offers several plans with different coverage, from hospital insurance to access to medicine and much more.

    In our clients’ words…

    • Anneris Carrasquel
      "I am Latina, Venezuelan. For me, Latinpro has been my right hand in understanding the U.S. healthcare system and being able to acquire insurance for my family and me. Your guidance throughout the process has been fundamental. Thank you very much."
      Anneris Carrasquel
    • Orlando Fernández
      "I am grateful to Latinpro because they helped me get into the Obama Care program. This help has been incredible for my family and me. Thanks to Latinpro's advice, today we have enormous support for our health care."
      Orlando Fernández
    • María Hernández
      "Latinpro quickly understood my needs when I had doubts about my ideal policy. They were able to understand my family's needs and mine. Currently, I have ample coverage and the assurance of their support."
      María Hernández

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